AGS Group | Our Founder
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Our Founder



From 1991 to 1992 during Balkans war in the ex Yugoslavia, he participated and manage one of the first private training centers in personal defense and protection. Likewise, he organized and got involved in many successful operations in Executive protection in highly risky conditions in Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Italy.

Later in Mexico since 2000, his career was conduced for the protection training classes for many national and international companies. In 2004 he founded AGS Group, a firm dedicated to bring executive protection services.

He is an international speaker and author of a variety of articles about Executive Protection matters

Since his arrival to Mexico, his main objective was to contribute in the paradigm change about Executive Protection, from a reactive focus, based on weapon use, to a prevention system based on discretion and risk prevention. Ivan has reinforced the idea that weapons are not the only and most important exit.

During 2017 is considered by the magazine Seguridad en América one of the 100 most influential men in Private Security all over Mexico.